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Silvia is a spoiled super model. She’s always picky about her works and she never accepts to undress to much. She always wants to appear perfect on photos. SILVIA is shooting today an advertise build on a famous Video Game. She doesn’t like her partner Andy, that is also sponsor producer for the work. She finally accepted the job for the high cachet and she is annoyed and picky as usual.
The scene starts with a fighting with him, like they were in videogame. She is not credible in the fighting and she knows for that shooting the plot is she is winning on the male character. They are using a green screen for the photos. She actually wins on him. Then situation follow up with some victory pose, but she decided to make the loser lick her pussy. That’s a kind of humiliation and same time a reward for Andy. She is convinced she will obtain more well paid works from him, when thou she produced a vary bad job. After some pussy licking, something unexpected happened on set.

Andy takes her from arm and grabs with strength the girl near his face. He said he’s gonna mesmerise her with his special power. At beginning it seems a part of the plot, as they are pretending to do something similar to Videogame. Anyway, when he stands up in front of her, Silvia seems to be driven by an inner strength. She is like in a state of mind control. The man now tells her he is the actual winner and opens his panties, dropping them off.
Silvia was actually mind controlled, so the man now orders her to suck his dick. She executes the order and open her mouth wide, to suck man’s cock. He perfectly knows he has the power to order the girl anything he wants, as at same time the girl maintains a state of consciousness, but at same time she is compelled to do whatever he orders to her. Nothing better to give that spoiled super model a lesson !!
Andy puts his dick with strength right inside her throat, that is bulging with dick right inside and deep her throat. She never sucked a dick like this, pushed from beak head down his hard dick. She gags on dick and coughs, while she is drooling all over his hard dick. He asks her who’s the winner now, she answers he is the winner, with a big saliva trickle all down her mouth and cloth. He fucks her harder and deeper: the more he feels she is getting sick and cannot take it all, the more he pushes it down hard and fast.
Now they are in a bedroom set of the photo studio. Silvia is on her knees, reduced in a sexual slave. He fucks her throat deep and hard, making she drools all over her super sexy perfect body and tits. He pushes his dick all the way down, making her throat bulge and her veins grow on her neck.
Now the time to change position. He makes her gets upside down on bed with her head, fucking her throat hard and deep more than an open slut cunt. She coughs and turns red, but he has no intention to stop it. He will teach her some humbleness !! She is now a dumb bitch at his control and enslaved to his pleasure. When it is enough with that position for him, he makes her sit on her knees beside him. Now he fucks her throat even stronger if possible, using his hands to push her head down dick, then his legs.
Andy humiliates Silvia all the possible ways, hooking her head with leg and pushing her mouth and throat down his dick, making her taking count of the strokes. She drools again and again, turning red and cursing him.
At the end, Andy makes her lays on belly, pushing his dick all way down, till he cums right in inside her throat, while she cannot lost a drop to drink !! That spoiled perfect super model learns today a lesson: never think to be superior, you will always remains a stupid sucking blonde slut !!

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