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Veronica is a feminist, lesbian, snobbish and extremely rich activist. She has to be
interviewed for an article by Andy. Noa is Veronica’s girlfriend and they don’t see each other from a long time. Veronica role takes her away, travelling through continents, and Noa is still searching a job and house to stay, in their native town. The first day Andy, Veronica and Noa meet for dinner. The reporter wanna take the exact moment of their reunion, to interview Veronica about her new job. Duringdinner, Veronica behaves contemptuously towards Andy. She talks to Noa all the time and doesn’t take the journalist into consideration. Between the two there seems to be something from the past. Andy has always had a thing for Veronica. In a recent past, she granted him some sexual dynamics, in which she dominates and humiliates him
in an explicit way, keeping the video. Andy was cheated on this point. Veronica shows the photos/videos to her girlfriend during dinner and laughs at Andy. The man is visibly upset and apparently leaves the room, to go to bed