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Enea is a panties fetishist. He choose three girl friends, studying their routine, to steal in their house: Thursday night, as they usually go dancing.

They come back earlier home cause one of them was sick. While he is rummaging though their drawers, he is not aware there is someone in house. Also he didn’t know one of them, Carolina, is awake, playing at phone. She can block him, then brings him in living room, where Tabitha and Bella are waiting. They are blackmailing him: they are call the police if he does’t do what they wants. First he must kiss their feet all. Then Carolina thought a sadistic challenge for him: they are gonna kick his balls, as a punishment for his perversions.
Carolina is the more sadistic one and drives the other one in balls kicking. Bella is the youngest and she is almost worried for the man. She has a worried look in her eyes. Tabitha on the other side is laughing at him all time, taking the greatest fun from situation. They are 3 different girls, 3 different kind of kicks for his balls. Carolina is the more bastard one: she seems to kick slowly, but she do it from behind, with the tip of her toes, keeping stockings. All her action are studied to give the greatest pain with the minimum effort.
Tabitha is like crazy style: she just watch and laugh, but when she takes initiative, she gives him kicks storms, without any method, just to release her angriness against him.
Bella…. well Bella is the cutest in this situation. She starts almost worried for him. Then she watches her roommates and takes courage, from kick to kick. She was studying martial arts since she was young and she has bigger feet than other girls, stronger legs. She starts shy and gently… well, she starts. The more painful kicks, knocking out him, comes from her. Heavy, straight kicks on his balls.
Carolina drives the action, she makes him changing position, especially kicking him from behind, but also front style, on his knees, blocked on wall, all four on floor. The girls are laughing and taking fun from that, even though his balls are turning blue. At the end, last kick… and he’s defeated on floor, with girls mocking him again.

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