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Blanche is in a particular oriental hotel for her honeymoon trip with her hubby. She orders some apple fruit juice for her and her husband. When the concierge enters the room, he sees Blanche is pouring apple fruit juice in her glass. The man watches into better the room and he notices a masked man on knees, near the wardrobe. Blanche invites the man into the room to fuck. Her husband is gonna watch on their first bridal night. The man accept.
Blanche wants to show he hubby all the things he’s never gonna have from her. She is gonna suck him, she is gonna make him fuck her pussy and her asshole. She keeps watching her husband, sardonically smile at him while she is getting off with her occasional toy boy. Blanche is gonna fuck in front of him every man her caprice will suggest her. Finally, she makes him cum in her mouth and she gives the cum right in her hubby’s eyes.

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